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Mini Refinery - Silistra

Chief consultant and project initiator of ‘Mini Refinery – Silistra’.

The project regards the preliminary research, design and construction of a modern, mobile, module based refinery with 55 000 BPD capacity, which will be one of the first of this class on the Balkans. High-technology process, corresponding to the world’s BATs, will be used for refining crude oil into high-quality petrol products. The production will cover all the European standards and will correspond to the requirements for preservation of the human health and environmental components.

The project is developed together with Basic Equipment, Houston. The company is a leader in the field of refinery equipment and will manufacture and deliver the modules for the Silistra’s mini-refinery.

The city of Silistra has a strategic location and is the only Bulgarian city with a port on the Danube River, accessible for seagoing vessels, which is important for raw material delivery. The place in the industrial zone of Silistra has been chosen as a natural transport node of convenient road, railroad communication with Constanca and Varna and water connection to the Black sea basin and clients on Middle and Upper Danube.

With the project fulfillment, the Bulgarian dependency on petrol products import and on morally obsolete technologies will be reduced.

The R.E.B.C.O. at the input will be refined to high-quality final products: automobile fuel, aviation fuel, low-sulphur diesel. Liquid petrol gases and other secondary products will be also obtained.

The project will contribute to the economic development of the region. More than 300 employees directly and 1000 indirectly will be engaged.