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Conceptual design and cost estimation for the construction of 2 x 40000 m3 fixed roof and 2 x 25000 m3 floating roof storage tanks for El Gaily storage facility for oil derivates - Sudan.

Preliminary technical assignments, covering main technological equipment, tank farm storage, water collection, sewage and waste water treatment systems for “Refinery Naptha - Smederevo”.

Expert assessment and estimation of labor costs for the installation of supporting systems for tank farm storage facility - Tuba, Iraq.

Conceptual design and cost estimation for the construction of 8 x 58000 m3 floating roof storage tanks for South Oil Company FAO depot for crude oil - Basra, Iraq.

Expert assessment and estimation for mechanical erection work and labor costs for the reconstruction/ modernization of Devnya cement plant, Bulgaria.

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant feasibility study for the project "Refinery Naptha - Smederevo".

Expert assessment of new technological equipment for “Aroma” JSC, according to signed contract for product line modernization, in connection to EU Operational Program “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy”.

Diesel to LPG engine conversion for the public transport in Abuja, Nigeria.

EIA Report, project presentation, preliminary material balances and detailed schedule of the activities for “Refinery Naptha - Smederevo”.

Investigation of “CEZ Electrical Distribution” activities and preparation of series of reports concerning recommendations for service improvement.

Preliminary technical project and investment assessment for Ecoela solar power plant, the town of Kostinbrod, Bulgaria.

General layout design of the 100 000 BPD oil refinery in the town of Smederevo, Republic of Serbia.

Project management and technical consultations for the project "Sacred Land - Cross forest", Bulgaria.

Technical inspection and assessment of tank farm storage facilities for crude oil and oil derivates of Bulgarian State Agency "State Reserve and War-time Stocks".

Technical audit of the current status/state of Polikraishte tank farm for petro-chemical products, reconstruction estimation and schedule preparation.

Economical assessment of the reconstruction of water treatment and supply plant, Babintzi, Bulgaria.

Audit and preliminary assessment of the Glass Factory 'Diamond' - the town of Razgrad.

Research and consulting in the field of advanced technologies in Solar and Wind power generation.

Technical investigation and assessment of Rousse-shipyard lifting equipment for ships with dock weight of 1800 t.


Chief consultant of the project ‘100 000 BPD Oil Processing Refinery - the town of Smederevo’, Republic of Serbia. more

Chief consultant and project initiator of the project ‘Mini-refinery for crude oil and oil derivates’ for 55 000 BPD in the town of Silistra. more

Chief consultant for the ‘Reconstruction of the Ammonia and Urea production at the chemical plant Chimco, the town of Vratsa’. more

Chief consultant for the project “Reconstruction of the power station and restart of the caprolactam plant at Stara Zagora” (former Agrobiochim). more

Chief consultant for the reconstruction and modernization of the Wine plants of the company "Vladimir Distillers" in Silistra and Mramor.