Gallus - Our mission


Our mission is to provide all aspects of professional industrial engineering and information management. We focus on innovative solutions developed for the needs of each individual customer.

Gallus ltd. successfully develops its activities due to our constant pursuit for exploration and satisfaction of our customerís needs. A primary goal in our company policy is the success of our clients, our partners and thus - of our company.

Our customers are also our partners and they are the reason for the company existence, development and success. We are trying to satisfy responsibly and professionally our customerís current needs, as well as looking into the future, suggesting progressive ideas and thus, minimizing the risk.

Our ideas and knowledge create new products and we have earned our place in today's dynamic competitive market. The constant enhancement of the qualification, theoretical and practical abilities and motivation of our specialists are basic premises for the company success.

The people in our team believe that high professionalism and competitiveness are the only right way for our company development at the current conditions of increasing competition on the market and daily growing customer demands.

It is important to stress that Gallus management core has a clear strategy and vision for the future development of our business organization.