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Chimco Chemical Plant - Vratza

Chief consultant and project manager of "Reconstruction of the Ammonia and Urea production at the chemical plant CHIMCO - Vratza"

The chemical plant of “CHIMCO” - Vratza produces and trades with ammonia, urea, liquid ammonia, carbon dioxide, argon, oxygen, nitrogen, krypton, xenon, methane, standard samples of gas mixtures, carbon disulphide, ammonia bisulphide, catalysts, metal-oxygen pigments, and deals with the related with the products R&D, repair, investing and trading activities in Bulgaria and abroad.

The board of directors of "Novo Chimco" JSC that rules the plant has entrusted Gallus group of experts to create a restoration plan for "Chimco" - Vratza.
The plan has been presented to the Regional court of Vratza on the 26th of May 2005 and on the 30th of September 2005, the restoration plan by has been voted and 100% accepted by the creditors.

The restoration and execution of the recovery plan of "Chimco" - Vratza has been started on the 25th of  July 2007. Gallus Ltd. is a chief consultant of the whole process. The specialists of Gallus are responsible for the technical audit, for restoration and renewing of all the processes/departments, implementation of new modern systems, project management and the start of the production.

CHIMCO is certified under ISO-9001-94 by the International Certification Company TÜV-Rheinland-EUROQUA-Budapest.