Gallus - About us


Gallus Ltd. is founded in 1991. The company starts its development immediately after the political changes in the country and the official permission for private company existence. The main goal of the company is to use the accumulated scientific potential from the Technical University - Sofia for consultations and practical solutions of complex industrial problems.

Gallus offers research, analyses, investigations, technical advices, project design, implementation, maintenance and management in the field of control theory and information technologies – plant management, control and optimization of technological processes, system measurement and monitoring, signal and data processing.

Through the years, the specialists of Gallus has participated in many different industrial projects. Our recent engagements include the business/technical side of the process control and equipment in Chemical and Petrochemical Industry. .

Gallus and its specialists possess certificates for inventions and patents, regarding system control, communications and constructions.

A serious part of Gallus activities is Plant rehabilitation. We create recovery plans, programs for optimization, renovation and modernization.

All Gallus experts are high-qualified and follow the world’s best available practicies and technologies.

Our aspirations remain unchanged and in the vast majority of our activities, we continue to be justly proud of our achievements, proficiency and our high ethical standards.

Gallus Ltd. and Gallus Consulting Ltd. are parts of Gallus Consulting Group. is the company's devision, oriented for our Bulgarian customers and partners.

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Gallus Electric is branch of Gallus Consulting Group concerning design and implementation of electrical, computer and SAT& systems.

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А tribute to eng. Marko Todorov – a foundation member and President of Gallus Ltd. till 2005.